Spring 2022 Chapter Recruitment


To optimize efforts of recruitment between our ARMA chapters and ARMA International. Utilizing contacts from chapters to recruit for ARMA International and chapter members. Using a general shell for easy replication, each campaign will be specifically tailored to each chapter who participates.


  • Chapter let HQ know that they want to participate using this form.

  • HQ will work with chapter to individualize the template for the campaign to fit their chapter.

  • Chapter will provide HQ with prospective member contacts. See this page to create a Prospect List

  • HQ will initiate the automated campaign and alert the chapter that it has begun.

  • Chapter can utilize the newly revised Recruitment Toolkit to work in tandem in recruiting prospective individuals.

  • Automated Campaign Includes:

    • Starting with a general template for the campaign, each chapter will have a chance to personalize the wording and notifications for their campaign.

    • A series of four emails over two months, targeted to entice prospective members to join ARMA International and the chapter. Example emails attached here

    • Notification to chapters when prospective members become International members.

    • Opportunity to engage with prospective members in other ways than email, such as phone calls, personal contacts, inviting to the next chapter meeting, social media, etc.

Items Provided:

  • Campaign created as a templates.

  • Recruitment emails

  • Individualized timeline with what dates each email will go out, based on start of campaign date.

  • Recruitment Toolkit

    • Template for chapters to gather prospective member contact information.

    • Recruitment video training session with recruitment worksheet

    • Flyers to familiarize yourself with newer ARMA offerings

    • Examples of following up with guests of events & employers

    • Utilizing social media in your recruitment

Ideas for the chapter to follow-up with prospective members:

  1. Take the list of prospective members that will be provided to International and split it up among all of the chapter officers or committee members. Make personal phone calls making sure they received the email, invite them to the next event, and answer any questions they may have about ARMA International.

  2. Social Media Posts. Highlighting past events and how wonderful they were or highlighting upcoming events. Tagging your prospective contacts and inviting them to join you at this event.

  3. Follow up with prospective members utilizing the Recruitment Worksheet.