Free Chapter Session Content: Session-in-a-Box

As part of the Spring Recruitment campaign, we are offering each chapter content that can be delivered through a “session-in-a-box” concept. This material can be delivered in whatever medium makes sense for your chapter (live or online). To gain access to the materials, the chapter must designate a presenter and that presenter must attend one of the live, online training sessions. All materials will be provided after the training is complete.

  • Session Title: The Importance of Information Management and Information Governance Programs & Gaining Consensus and Executive Support
  • Description: In this session, you’ll learn about the organizational benefits of Information Management and Information Governance programs, as well as the positioning needed to gain consensus and executive support for moving your program forward.
  • Presenter Training: You’ll learn the best practices in presenting this topic to your chapter, gain insights on presenting using storytelling, learn the specifics of this particular presentation, receive additional supporting reading materials on the topic, and a Q&A preparation for the session. This train the presenter session will help you present the topic expertly and give you access to the presentation and supporting materials.

Sign up today:

  • March 6 Noon Central Time / 1PM Eastern Time
  • March 7 Noon Central Time / 1PM Eastern Time
  • March 11 5PM Central Time / 6PM Eastern Time
  • March 29 Noon Central Time / 1PM Eastern Time