Spring 2019 Chapter Recruitment Campaign

A coordinated effort between chapters, regions and HQ to recruit new members for ARMA’s chapters. Through training, one-on-one discussions and a resource toolkit, HQ and Region teams will help each chapter design a customized membership campaign that speaks to each chapter’s unique story.  The campaigns will be deployed during April and May.      

Each chapter is asked to have at least one chapter leader attend one of the three live, virtual trainings lead by association and membership expert Mark Levin.


  • Training for Chapter Leaders:

You can also email chapters@armaintl.org for additional training information

Planning & Organizing: February & March

  • Member recruitment:  During April & May chapter events
  • Follow-up and reporting in June


Resources Provided with Campaign:

  • Virtual Training for Chapter Leaders.  Learn how

This training will include information on how to create your chapter's value message including when, who and how to talk to potential members and overcoming objections.  It will also include an overview of the overall campaign including how to organize responsibilities within your chapter, a review of the supplemental resources and administrative details on deadlines, dates, etc.  A complete list of supplemental resources can be found on the main Recruitment page under Recruitment Resources, Prospect Lists and Allied Organizations.

  • How to prepare a list of potential members to target, how to involve other chapter member in your recruitment efforts, and many more topics. 
  • Resource tool kits with updated recruitment strategies and tactics. 
  • A free "Session in a Box" toolkit. *Note to receive, a representative from the chapter must attend a virtual training.  All will be held in March. 
  • Support from your region teams


As part of the Chapter Spring Recruitment campaign, we are implementing two levels of incentives to recognize the hard work of both chapters and individuals.  Details on recognition at both levels are provided later in this message, but please know that one new member can be “counted” for both the chapter and individual incentives.

All incentives apply to Professional level, non-student members who join between April 1 and June 30 of 2019. 

  • Chapter-level Incentives:  For every Professional-level member who joins ARMA International (not just the chapter), ARMA will remit $20 (USD) or the equivalent to your chapter.  ARMA HQ must be notified that the individual joined as a result of the chapter’s recruitment. There are two ways to notify ARMA:
    • The recruited individual enters a name in the “Individual Referral” field as part of the online join process within his or her profile. ARMA will attribute the referral to the appropriate chapter and individual.
    • The chapter notifies ARMA HQ by email that a certain member joined because of the chapter’s recruitment efforts. ARMA must be notified by July 15, 2019. 

See our web page for more details and info on how to join and report a referral.

Individual-level Incentives:  We will recognize individuals who recruit and strengthen our community! For every new Professional-level, non-student member who joins during the recruitment period, the individual who recruited that person will have his or her name entered into a drawing for an all-expense paid trip to ARMA’s annual conference. There will be one winner. Each new member represents one entry, and there is no limit on how many times an individual’s name can be entered. 

  • Plus-level conference registration ($1,299 value)              
  • Airfare – up to $500
  • Hotel – 4 nights at the Gaylord Opryland from Sunday through Thursday with taxes and fees included ($1500 value)
  • Food and incidentals in the form of a $500 visa gift card

The total value is greater than $3500!

Thank you to our generous sponsor VRC for supporting our chapters and for making this incentive possible!   

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The drawing will be held in the middle of July after the reporting period has closed.   

How an Individual is Recognized as a Referral: 

The recruited individual enters a name in the “Individual Referral” field as part of the online join process within his or her profile. ARMA will attribute the referral to the appropriate chapter and individual.

The “Individual Referral” area can be updated in an individual’s profile after he or she joins. If help is needed, the individual or the chapter can email ARMA HQ and report that a certain member has joined as a result of these recruitment efforts.

Again, the deadline is July 15 for all referrals to be completed online or all notifications be sent to ARMA HQ.

Every individual who grows our community with a new member will be recognized. We can’t wait to share the news! 

Resources at the Ready!

Don’t forget to take advantage of all the recruitment resources ARMA has developed to help you in your campaign. Resources can be found on the Recruitment page on Chapter Central.