Spring 2019 Chapter Recruitment Campaign

A coordinated effort between chapters, regions and HQ to recruit new members for ARMA’s chapters. Through training, one-on-one discussions and a resource toolkit, HQ and Region teams will help each chapter design a customized membership campaign that speaks to each chapter’s unique story.  The campaigns will be deployed during April and May.      

Each chapter is asked to have at least one chapter leader attend one of the three live, virtual trainings lead by association and membership expert Mark Levin.


  • Training for Chapter Leaders:
  • In the training you will learn how to: (Learning Objectives – What will be covered)
      • Creating your chapter’s value message
      • Prepare a list of potential members to target
      • Prepare your chapter members to assist in recruitment
      • Invite potential members to events
      • Follow-up with potential members

*Each training session will last 1 hour

  • Planning & Organizing: February & March
  • Member recruitment:  During April & May chapter events
  • Follow-up and reporting in June


Resources Provided with Campaign:

  • Virtual Training for Chapter Leaders.  Learn how

This training will include information on how to create your chapter's value message including when, who and how to talk to potential members and overcoming objections.  It will also include an overview of the overall campaign including how to organize responsibilities within your chapter, a review of the supplemental resources and administrative details on deadlines, dates, etc.

  • How to prepare a list of potential members to target, how to involve other chapter member in your recruitment efforts, and many more topics. 
  • Resource tool kits with updated recruitment strategies and tactics. 
  • A free "Session in a Box" toolkit. *Note to receive, a representative from the chapter must attend a virtual training.  All will be held in March. 
  • Support from your region teams


  • Chapter: For each Professional member recruited to be a member of ARMA International and your chapter from April 1 –June 30th, your chapter will receive an additional $20 USD per member. The member must be identified as recruited by your chapter. Additional details on how to do this will follow.   *This incentive available during the Spring Recruitment period.
  • Individual:  Individual ARMA members who recruit another individual will be placed in a drawing for an extremely valuable prize - details to be announced early spring. New members must join between April 1-June 30th. Additional details will be provided.