Groups Feature on ARMA’s Website:

Each chapter has a new individualized area just for your chapter. This new page is accessible in your My ARMA account, and allows your chapter to connect with each other in new and fun ways! Discuss topics in the new Forums area, share pictures of your chapter events, or comment on blog posts created by your chapter. This area is only accessible by those that are members of your chapter. See this FAQ  for how to access the page as a member of the chapter, and learn all about the new features!

Chapter Admin:

Are you a chapter admin for your chapters page?  If so you have the ability to control aspects of the group for your fellow chapter members. See this FAQ for features, reports, and settings you can control for your group.

Group Reports:

One of the most important features of the chapter admin permission is the ability to pull reports for your chapter.  The following reports are available to chapter admins in the reports section:

  1. Chapter Roster: Listing of who is a current member of your chapter.
  2. Expiring in 30 Days: Listing of your chapter members whose membership will expire in the next 30 days.
  3. New Chapter Members: Listing of new members who have joined your chapter in the last 30 days. Does not include members that have been added to chapter for free. 
  4. Non-chapter Member Report: Listing of members who are a part of ARMA International but not a member of a chapter.  This report is listed by region.
  5. Past Expiration Date: Listing for your chapter members who have not renewed their membership and are past their expiration date.  Update: This report is no longer available for chapters.  As of January 1, 2022, any member who passes their expiration date and does not renew will become a non-member.  Making this report null and not showing information, it has been removed from access. 

Each time you access the VIEW option on these reports, the data for the report is pulled from ARMA International’s database in real-time.  The date created is the date HQ made the report available for your chapter’s use. 

Reports are provided to chapters to assist in recruiting and membership efforts only. These lists may not be used for sales and are prohibited from distribution.

New Non-Member Report Available by Region

A new report is available for US chapters. In the Available Reports section of your chapter group area is a new report labeled: CHP_Non-Member Report: Your Region Name.

This new report shows members from your region who have not renewed their membership for the 2021-2022 year. On this report it shows the date of the last dues transaction that they paid. They did not renew before this date, so their membership ended and they are now in the non-member status. This list is an opportunity for your chapter to recruit them back to rejoin ARMA International and your chapter.

These former members have received or are receiving communications from ARMA International that their membership has ended and encouraging them to rejoin. These communications start 15 days after their membership ends. Reinforcing messages and contacts from chapters can assist in encouraging the members to rejoin.

These contacts are provided to chapters to assist in recruiting efforts only. These lists may not be used for sales and are prohibited from distribution outside of official ARMA chapters.

If a chapter outside the US is looking for this type of report, please contact Heather Lehman by email. With international rules and regulations, specific reports such as this will need to be created on an individual basis.

Group Resources:

Looking for More Help...Check out one of the FAQ’s below:

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