Session of the Month

ARMA chapter members have exclusive access to sessions from previous ARMA International conferences, as well as the resources associated with those sessions, such as job aids and discussion questions. To access them, you must log on with your ARMA account. Note that all materials for a session will begin with the same code. Plus, all of the featured sessions offer bonus content!

Changes to Session of the Month:  

Chapter members must register for Session of the Month product using a hidden link that is provided only to chapters.  This link is not accessible to the general membership and we are providing this link only to chapter leadership.

The chapter is responsible for distributing this link.  We request that the chapter create a custom page in your ARMA chapter group site which allows members of your chapter access to this information.  If you need these instructions on creating a Custom Page, and suggested wording, please contact  The hidden link to the product in ARMA’s store will also be provided.  

Tips for using the Session of the Month platform with your chapter.