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April 2018

Ottawa Board   Jen and CIO of GC  Ottawa Chapter Community  Ted Ferrier Award Winner


The Ottawa NCR Chapter provides comprehensive brokering of valuable information and records management content and networking in the National Capital Region. An energetic and dedicated team of nine volunteer board members works passionately to advocate for the advancement of the field of IM and to support the growth, development, and success of IM professionals.

The NCR chapter is in primarily a federal government town, which means there is a large audience of public servants and private industry that serve Canada and Canadians. We make significant efforts to be very cognizant of the needs of the audience that we reach, and we provide timely and relevant content. Our efforts appear to be appreciated by our audience: our monthly program meetings are regularly attended by 50 to 100 participants, our annual spring workshop is attended by 50 to 100 participants, and our annual fall IM Day attracts about 200 participants. The excellent attendance at the these last two “for-pay” events cover the cost to rent the room and provide coffee and tea for our monthly program meetings, which allows us to offer them free of charge.

The NCR Chapter uses the services of an event planner, Verney, to support our for-pay events. Verney takes care of the event logistics, including:

  • Sending the call for proposals
  • Working with the chapter to establish a steering committee that includes key representatives from the chapter and IM community
  • Helping select proposals and setting the agenda;
  • Researching, selecting, and arranging for the venue and catering
  • Takes care of participant registration and collecting payment
  • Overseeing the event day
  • Collecting and reporting on participants’ feedback

Chapter representatives are also heavily involved in all these processes, but having Verney do a lot of the “heavy lifting” makes it easier to offer a very high quality, professional event that attracts a large audience year after year. Ultimately, even after profit sharing with Verney, the NCR Chapter collects a substantial profit that we return to the community by investing in excellent, free monthly programming and other valuable things, such as a renewed website and awards.


March 2018

Jacksonville Chapter 1  Jacksonville Chapter 2 Jacksonville Chapter 3


The Jacksonville chapter had a good turnout of members, their families and friends who attended the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp baseball game on June 7, 2017. The networking event was a wonderful way to connect with chapter members and find more in common than just information management. It was a hot, humid, and balmy night, where refreshments and food were shared while cheering on the home team. The game did get rained out at the bottom of the 7th inning and the home team lost, but fun was had by all. Tickets were complements of the ARMA Jacksonville Chapter, and guests paid for their own. Tickets were free for service members and their families.

February 2018

The Liberty Bell Chapter of ARMA is experiencing the same thing every other chapter is; a downsizing of our member base through retirement, industry job change, or personal decisions made by a member. Like everyone else, we try our best to retain our current members while finding ways to reach out to bring in new members. With our new board that started July 1, 2017, I encouraged them to think outside the box and bring their creativity to the table to come up with an event that was different, which could help us accomplish our outreach goals. They did just that, and I support their recommendation 100%.

Over the last few years, other associations have been created. These associations may not have the same focus on information management as we do. Some of them may focus on a specific part of our purpose. But if you look closely you’ll find things that tie us all together.

With that in mind, the Board recommended two things;

  1. Stop looking at other associations as “competing” associations. Look at them as friends that can share information, knowledge, and yes, even membership.
  2. Use our January 2018 Dinner Meeting to host representatives from three associations and allow them to tell their story.   

We kept the format of our meeting very simple. Each association had 20 minutes to talk to the attendees about its history, if it had chapters/regions like we do, if it had meetings/seminars like we do, and what its current focus and initiatives are. At the end of each presentation, the attendees would have an opportunity to ask questions. We also encouraged each association to bring literature about how to join that association as a member.

Joining us for the dinner meeting was;

  • Nikki Perella: ACEDS Philadelphia Chapter
  • Tami Montroy: SePHIMA – (AHIMA)
  • Stacey Haurin and Eugene Desyatnik: DAMA Philadelphia

Looking back on that evening, I can say without any hesitation it was a success. Our attendance was higher because it wasn’t just ARMA attendees hearing about three other associations. We had attendees from the other three associations as well. Each of the sessions was very interactive as the attendees were asking questions of each association representative, not only at the end of their presentation, but during as well. We had our members taking the literature of the other associations saying they would consider looking into them as a member, and we had the other association members tell us how much they enjoyed the evening and would consider coming back for a future meeting of our chapter. All results were very positive.

In retrospect, we’ve made new friends and we’re planting seeds for growing the chapter in the future.

Our chapter is already planning to host a “Friends of ARMA Outreach” meeting on next season’s schedule with different associations than we had this year. 

Bottom Line . . . You can NEVER have enough friends!!! 

January 2018


Tri-Chapter Regional Seminar: Information Governance

In April 2017, the three regional chapters of the Greater Pacific Northwest (Greater Seattle Chapter, Bellevue Eastside Chapter, and Puget Sound Chapter) held a successful Tri-Chapter event. Held every two or three years, the event this year provided our region an exceptional learning event for more than 100 attendees. 

We were extremely fortunate to have William Saffady, Ph.D., FAI, spend a half day speaking on the fundamentals of information governance (IG) and information management programs. Complementing Saffady’s talk were three other speakers:

  • Mark Diamond, president and chief executive officer of Contoural, spoke of launching an IG program.
  • Two local practitioners, from Seattle public schools and the University of Washington School of Medicine, talked on lessons learned and their successes implementing aspects of IG programs. 

It was a day showcasing four unique perspectives of IG.

It was also, on a personal level, such a great opportunity to work with the other chapters in the region. I greatly respect all the time and effort the other presidents, Jennifer Martin and Catherine Wilson, and other chapter members dedicated to making this a successful event. Our positive working relationship is something I am looking forward to leaning on once again in the future!

December 2017


The Nebraska Chapter Gives Back

The Nebraska chapter has been hard at work planning our annual charity luncheon and auction, which are held in December. Each year the board selects a charity to support. The chapter makes a monetary donation and chapter members also donate gifts which are then auctioned off to the highest bidder. Most gifts are wrapped so the winner doesn’t know what he or she is getting. That’s half of the fun. We open the gifts as they are won and then applaud or laugh depending on what’s in the box. Some great gifts in the past were the regifting of a bowling trophy that made the rounds for a few years, a redneck wine and cheese set (cheez whiz may have been involved), and old swag from ARMA conferences. We also have gifts like homemade wine, small appliances, and movie-night packages. The chapter usually has gift card raffles, and last year we had a fantastic quilt that was generously donated; it brought in a hefty amount. In the past 10 years, the Chapter has raised more than $32,500 to help local charities!

This year we’ll be supporting Lighthouse, a charity in Lincoln, NE. The Lighthouse After-School Program offers middle and high schoolers academic support, evening meals, and enrichment/recreational activities during non-school hours, Monday through Friday, 12 months a year. The program’s goal is to “Increase the likelihood of high school graduation of middle and high school-aged youth by providing high quality programming.” The Nebraska chapter believes focusing on our youth is a necessity for future growth in Nebraska, and because we’re an association focused on education, this fits right in! You can find out more details on this great charity or donate at

November 2017


ARMA Detroit golf outing helps build relationships

For much of the Detroit chapter’s history it has hosted an annual golf outing. Although the event has evolved over the years, one thing remains constant: a good time is had by everyone who attends. In more recent years the outing has become one of the chapter’s premier social networking events. It is primarily marketed to members and prospects, but it also has become a large marketing component of the annual sponsorship program. Attendance is generally around 30-40, so the sponsors who attend enjoy a casual and intimate networking opportunity.

The event appeals to players of all skill levels with its scramble format and the fact that it’s played on one of southeast Michigan’s full-length par-3 courses. After golfing, participants enjoy a fantastic BBQ picnic-style lunch and prize drawings. Costs for the event are all-inclusive and have virtually remained flat for the past 10 years because of generous sponsors. Net proceeds—approximately $1,000 each year—are split between the chapter's charitable giving activities (e.g., AIEF) and its operating budget to help defray educational programming costs. While the golf outing continues to be a great source of revenue each year, the networking, camaraderie, and relationship-building are what truly benefit the chapter and make it strong.

October 2017

ArmaBoard 2016-2017ArmaBoard 2017-2018

The Northern Virginia (NOVA) Chapter has won the Standing Ovation Award for a chapter that has taken an outstanding or unique approach to furthering ARMA International’s vision and mission.

Over the past year, the ARMA NOVA Chapter successfully reinvigorated itself, transforming their image, messaging, website, and communication tools, as well as strategically partnering with local organizations and vendors to maximize visibility and increase membership engagement / attendance at educational events.

As a result NOVA chapter is more closely tied with its members need for education and increased networking opportunities, and they team nicely with their sponsors, who are more invested in Chapter success. The data collected in this process helped the chapter respond to changes in an informed manor to maximize members preferences. Most importantly, the chapter is providing education that is on-point with our member needs, and expanding their outreach to attract new members (and in some cases additional sponsors). Great job to the Northern Virginia Chapter. See the chapter’s annual report for more information on how the chapter has improved over the last year.

September 2017


The AZ ARMA Chapter has just finished a busy and enjoyable year of activities, outreach, and service!

We’ve updated our communication by launching a new StarChapter website to coordinate and share information.

Outreach and initiatives to bring new members into the fold were areas of focus. We took ARMA AZ Road Show to Southern Arizona . We are a proud partner of St. Mary’s Food Bank and conducted a raffle to benefit them at each chapter meeting, and participated in a Volunteer Day.

During our Spring Seminar, we grew membership and involvement by raffling off annual passes for a member, non-member, and student, as well as an ARMA membership. Making the member experience meaningful and fun is important to us – to that end we held an award ceremony that included Member of the Year, Most Active Chapter Member, among many others!

August 2017


Austin ARMA Shred Day: Our chapter's largest event is our two shred day events that we hold in the Fall and the Spring.  This event’s main initiative is to provide education to the community that they should be securely shredding their personal records to ensure they protect themselves from identity theft.  We also take this opportunity to collect donations which we divide between the chapter and a chosen charity.  This is a great way to keep members’ costs down and also give back to the community in the shredding and monetary donation.

Our event has been going on for 14 years and takes some effort to get going, but once you have your details pinned down, it’s just a matter of keeping that up.  It always begins with selecting a date and a location.  Our Fall Shred Day’s are hosted at an offsite shred facility of one of the sponsors for the event.  We are lucky enough to have two generous shred sponsors with facilities in town that we can use.  These are events are easier to run, but sometimes the facility is out of the way for some attendees so traffic fluctuates.  Our Spring Shred Day was originally held in an Office Max parking lot, then grew to be in a parking lot at a public high school.  A consideration we always make is to find a location that is free and has a good flow for traffic. Our last event at the high school had cars backed up on a fly over leading to one of Austin’s major highways.  That was when we knew word had gotten out and we needed to make a change. We were lucky enough to upgrade to the parking lot of a local community college that took over an old mall. For full details click here

July 2017


ARMA Greater Los Angeles Chapter covers one of the largest areas geographically in the US.  We strive to provide meetings and events in several areas (Downtown, Westside, Airport etc.) during the chapter year via chapter meetings, roundtables, spotlight events and the spring conference.

Currently we have three active roundtables based on industry: Legal, Insurance and Entertainment.  This format provides members with the opportunity to address issues relevant to their career or work situation openly with other RIM Professionals in their industry. Occasionally the Roundtable event can be a venue for vendors to preview new products.

Over the past two years we have held a successful Spring Conference at the Microsoft Technology Center on the Westside. This year's theme was Evolving Technologies and Keeping RIM relevant.  With almost 90 attendees, a mini vendor show and two tracks (Legal and Government/Corporate) the conference was a big success and continues to be a valuable part of the schedule for the chapter events for the year.

ARMA GLA's overall goal for the year was to touch as many of the lives and careers as possible through meetings, roundtables, spotlight events seminars and other events. I believe we accomplished most of these things and that the chapter added value to members who seek to further their careers.