Welcome ARMA Volunteers

ARMA Volunteers

Reminders for Chapter Leaders

2022 InfoCon Reimbursement Program for ARMA Chapter Leaders: 

A special reimbursement program has been launched for the 2022-2023 fiscal year to support chapters attending InfoCon 2022 and Leadership Summit on October 19, 2022. For details CLICK HERE. 

End of Year Reporting: If not completed yet, please do so!

Chapter Evaluation: We are asking chapters to take a look back at their past year and tell us how they feel it went.  This is a self-evaluation that will be provided to the Chapter Advisory Committee to help your chapter throughout the next year.


Chapter Escrow: Has anything changed for your financial banking? Or do you just want to make sure ARMA HQ has the correct information? This form will help keep HQ up to date with how to send your chapter the dues we collect. If you are unsure or have any questions about the form contact Heather Lehman by email at heather.lehman@armaintl.org.


Celebration of Chapters at InfoCon 2022

Planning for InfoCon 2022 in Nashville is underway.  As we gather together on site, we want to celebrate all our chapters and their accomplishments.  We are looking for photos and descriptions/information about all of ARMA’s chapters.  We would like each chapter to share information, check out this form for more information and submission. The form due August 10th. 

Change in Receiving Chapter Rosters

Starting August 1st, your chapter rosters will be emailed to the email addresses indicated on the chapter officer update. This report will be emailed to these members on the first day of each month. We will be phasing out our Groups area of our website starting this fall. Be on the look out for new information about our the new MyARMA Community coming soon!