Welcome ARMA Volunteers

ARMA Volunteers

Reminders for Chapter Leaders

Virtual Leadership Series

ARMA’s Virtual Leadership Series now has a new landing page. Recordings from the chapter officer position training and information on upcoming Groups Area Training sessions are now available. Click here to access this new page.

In Memorium Recognition

Our new “In Memoriam” pays tribute to those ARMA members who have passed within the last few years who provided a significant contribution to the industry and ARMA community.

ARMA International wants to recognize these individuals for their contribution to our organization, the ARMA community, and/or their local chapter. Please fill out this form and tell us about those in your chapter who have passed.

Leadership Summit Information- Oct 17th – Now Virtual

Since all of InfoCon has gone virtual, so will our Leadership Summit. This will continue to be offered for free to any chapter leaders who have registered for InfoCon for the Core, Virtual Lite, or Exhibitor options. Those who have registered for the Plus registration will already have access to the Leadership Summit as part of their registration package. Please see your inbox for invitations once your chapter has submitted their chapter officer update form. If you have any questions, please email armaservice@armaintl.org.