Most membership experts will tell you that it's easier and less costly to retain a member than it is to recruit one. Please take a look at these retention resources.

ARMA Membership List: This is a roster of your current chapter membership. Certain designated chapter leaders have the ability to pull chapter rosters at anytime through their My ARMA Profile.  These reports are in real-time and offer leaders the ability to see an accurate membership snapshot of their chapters at any given time of the month.  

Chapter leaders who have the ability to pull membership rosters are assigned as chapter admins.  Who are chapter admins?  All chapter Presidents are designated as admins of their chapter and can grant permission for any other leader in their respective chapter to be assigned as an admin.  If you are a chapter President and you would like to designate additional leaders as admins please send your request to

Here is a quick synopsis of how to pull membership rosters:

- Once you sign in to your My ARMA Profile, navigate to the "Group" tab on the menu bar 
- Once you click on that you will see the chapter(s) you are currently a member of - click on the appropriate chapter
- Once you are in the chapter group, you will see an "admin" option in the upper right-hand portion of your screen
- Click on that and select "Export Group Members" to pull your chapter's most current roster

Detailed instructions on exporting memberships lists

This membership list is an important communication for your chapter. The document lists the name and contact information for each member in your chapter. It also has the membership information for all your members, particularly when members are set to expire. This document is in Excel for you to be able to filter and use at your convenience. You can filter to see which members are set to expire soon, or to see which members have renewed their membership as their expiration date will be extended for a year. For a detailed explanation of the usage parameters please click here.

If you have questions about your Monthly ARMA Membership List, please contact

Membership Expiration Email: This message is sent out the last work day of each month and lists all members who are beyond their expired membership date. 

ARMA has a 60-day grace period after a member has reached their expiration date. After a member has reached their expiration date, they will continue to receive ARMA member benefits for 60 days before their membership is terminated. This enables chapters to follow up with these members one last time and encourage them to renew. To find those individuals, information is provided in the Membership Expiration Email and/or the Monthly ARMA Membership List.

Sample Email to Remind Members About Renewal

For more information on retaining members in your chapter, check out the Membership & Marketing articles in our Chapter Connections Library.