Resources for Region Leaders

ARMA International’s Region Advisory Boards are teams of dedicated members who sit in the middle of the association’s circle of communication, offering support to chapter leaders and insight to headquarters. Regional leaders communicate ARMA International’s strategic plan to the local communities.

These boards are comprised of a director from each region who oversees a team of chapter advisors. The chapter advisors are divided into one of three functional areas of focus: membership and marketing; educational programming; or operations and governance. The focus areas provide leadership support and direction to those chapter board members whose jobs correspond within one of these areas. Region leaders are knowledgeable volunteers who have served at the chapter level.

Chapter Visit Requests and Reporting

Region Applications & Job Descriptions:

Open Region Positions:

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Chapter Support:

New/Reactivating Chapter: ARMA International's has many chapters throughout the world. From time to time there is interest in an area that would like to form or reactivate a dormant chapter to meet the needs of the local membership. The following documents are used to form a new or reactivate a dormant chapter.

Chapter Intervention Procedure: It is unfortunate that periodically one or more of the Association chapters becomes, or appears to become, non-functioning. The purpose of the intervention program is to identify the issues in the chapter that are causing it to be non-functioning. The desired result is to reactivate the chapter and prevent it from going into dormant status. The earlier the need for intervention is identified, the better the Association is able to bring resources to bear to preserve a chapter.

Chapter Dormancy Process: It is unfortunate that periodically a chapter becomes eligible for dormancy status. If a chapter has been recognized as endangered and a cost/benefit analysis determines dormancy is the best option, the following is the process for chapter dormancy and dissolution. Note: Before dormancy can be initiated, the identification process and cost/benefit analysis as defined in the Chapter Intervention Process should be completed to determine the appropriate action.

Reimbursement Form: Be sure check here for the most updated form. Outdated forms submitted will be sent back and asked to use the current form.

Volunteer Travel Handbook

Video Conference Line: ARMA International's video conference call line – Zoom – is available for region leaders to hold meetings related to their region work such as monthly Region meetings, coordinator conference calls with chapters, etc. This collaborative tool helps to keep the lines of communication open while strategizing for your region. It’s shared screen capabilities can save leaders time or it can be used only as a conference call line.

To reserve a time slot, e-mail to and list the date, time & time zone you wish to use the line. We kindly request at least 24 hour’s notice before your desired time for meeting.