On this page you'll find a wealth of recruitment materials that should help you reach prospects, demonstrate value, and make connections.

Recruitment Training Sessions:

All Chapter Recruitment Training sessions have concluded.  With a combined participation of over 200 ARMA chapter leaders, the sessions were a smashing success!!  

Weren't able to attend one of the training sessions? 

Recruitment Resources:


Slides for Chapter Events:

A great way for all of ARMA to gain new members is to talk about ARMA and chapter membership during chapter events. New slides have been designed and made available that chapters can include in their events. Click here to download them. 

Prospect Lists

Prospect lists are essential to the growth of your chapter and help organize who the chapter will reach out to. Here are some resources you may find useful to help get started:

Allied Organizations

In conjunction with our Chapter Recruitment Campaign, we are crowd sourcing a list of allied industry organizations that chapter and regions should consider working with. We will share this list as a resource to give other chapters ideas on groups and organizations they should research and consider contacting.

Click here to view a current list of allied organizations.

Please click here if you have an organization you would like to contribute to our list.

For more information on recruiting new members to your chapter, check out the Membership & Marketing articles in our Chapter Connections Library.