New Member

It might surprise you to learn that new members of an organization typically decide within a few weeks whether they'll renew their memberships. So, clearly, the first few weeks are critical for engaging them and demonstrating the value of their memberships. In this section, we provide resources that will help you extend your welcome to new members. We cannot stress enough the power of an effective welcome procedure.

HQ implements a new member welcome campaign during the first year of membership that incorporates the new member virtual welcome kit, targeted communications and direct outreach.  However, chapters are in a unique position to connect on personal level with their new members and share experiences and the value they’ve received by being a member of the ARMA community.

Please begin by viewing this video.

Ways to Welcome New Members:

  • Email or Letter: Here is a sample letter to use to welcome new members. Feel free to customize the letter. Consider inviting the new member to your upcoming events.
  • Phone Call: A welcome phone call is a remarkably powerful step in engaging your new members. You can answer their questions, invite them to your events, and help them make their own connections within the chapter.
  • At Their First Meeting: When new members attend their first meeting, offer a ribbon or sticker to identify them as new. Always have a veteran member greet people at the door so they can spot new members, introduce them to others, and help them feel valued.

New Member Notifications: When new members join your chapter, share the news with your designated chapter leaders so they can welcome the new members and integrate them into the chapter experience.

Chapter leaders are designated to receive these e-mails on the Chapter Board Update Form that is submitted at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Region directors receive a copy of this e-mail as well, to make sure the chapter has gotten the information it needs.

For more information on recruiting members, check out the Membership & Marketing articles in our Chapter Connections Library.