Community Forum

ARMA Chapter Leaders LinkedIn Group

Connect and learn from chapter leaders throughout ARMA’s nearly 120’s chapter and region groups.  The purpose the of the ARMA Chapter Leaders LinkedIn Group is to serve as an online forum for discussions about chapter updates, challenges, to spread of ideas among leaders of local ARMA Chapters and to connect you with other leaders.

To join the group, you must be invited by one of the group managers, or you may request to join here.

Posting Conversations: discussions, job listings, announcements

To post a conversation, go to the group’s main page and find click “Start a conversation.” The menu will expand to give you new options: Post a Conversation, Share a Job, Send an Announcement.

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Images can be included in each post by clicking on the image icon at the bottom left of the post menu.

Once a conversation has been posted, fellow group members can like or comment with their thoughts or updates, similar to Facebook.

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Unfortunately, LinkedIn does not provide the option for a deep search back into past conversations and posts, but you can click Ctrl+F (for PCs) or Command+F (Mac) and your web browser will allow you to search the page for specifically what you are looking for. 

Community Rules:

This forum is exclusively for ARMA chapter and region leaders to discuss chapter or region-related business. 

No soliciting will be permitted.  Anyone who is identified as soliciting products or services will receive one warning and will be removed from the group after any subsequent solicitations.  This should not be construed as restricting members from sharing recommendations of products or services that they’ve found helpful in serving the business of the chapter or the region. 

It is our hope that this forum connects leaders with ideas, best practices, resources and a sounding board of other leaders to help strengthen our organization.  While we realize this may sometimes take the form of “lessons learned,” we respectfully ask that negative experiences with individuals or specific companies are not posted directly on the forum and are instead directed to specific individuals via another method of communication. 

ARMA International will not confirm if a requested member is within our volunteer database. If a member of our community wants to participate and learn in this forum, then we welcome them whether or not they hold an official title. 

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to report inappropriate behavior, please contact o moderator of email