Community Call

What is the Community Call?

A web-hosted virtual meeting with audio, video and chat capabilities.  While the topics will vary, each call will focus on one specific element of running a chapter.  It will feature fellow chapter volunteers and speaker’s familiar with the topic and a live question and answer period.  The Community Call will be recorded and made available to all chapter volunteers.  Leaders who would like to further discuss this topic will be encouraged to use the to-be-announced LinkedIn platform to connect with other leaders. 


Upcoming Topics: 

May: New Member Onboarding - click here to register

We know that the first year of membership is critical to making a decision to renew membership.  Join us to talk about what chapters do to orient new chapter members, and to enhance their first-year experience. 

July: Parliamentary Procedure

As chapter boards start with new members, one way to keep order at meetings is to use parliamentary procedures.  Join us to learn more about what this means and how these can benefit your chapter.


Recorded Past Topics:

Working with Business Partners

Join the Denver chapter to learn about how fellow chapters work their business partners in their community.  Learn how they build these relationships and the benefits for the chapter and its members.

Supplemental Call Materials:
Mile High Denver Chapter 2016-2017 Year in Review
2017-2018 Business Partner Program

Chapter Websites

Learn from our Twin Cities chapter about their approach to their website and the challenges and opportunities they face with the future of their website.

Click here for the recording of this call.

Being Social Media Savvy

Learn directly from fellow chapter leaders about how their chapters use social media to engage with their members.  Bring questions and hear what other chapters are doing! 

Click here for the recording of this call. 

Looking for a social media policy and a privacy policy for your chapter? Check out the Arizona chapters as an example below.

Social Media Policy 

Privacy Policy


Prospect Lists: Does your chapter have an ongoing prospect list?  Interested to hear how other chapters handle their prospect lists?  Join us for our first ever Community Call to discuss best practices among ARMA chapters leaders.  Learn directly from the Metro New York chapter & the Golden Gate chapter how they handle prospects lists.

Click here for the recording of this call.

Visitor Card Example 

Membership Listing Example

Disclaimer: Participants information is not displayed in the recording.  Chat questions are also not displayed in the recording.  First names are used when calling out questions and ideas from the chat, beyond this no identifying information is shared.  Each participant has the ability to decide if they would like to share video of themselves, and if so this will be recorded.