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What You Need To Know Right Now!

  • Annual Chapter Board of Directors Update
    Each year, every chapter needs to report who is in its chapter leadership. This report is due by July 1. Use this link to report your chapter’s officers. It is important to report on time because these reported officers will be given free access to the Leadership Summit in Nashville. The ARMA Leadership Summit will bring together a series of assessments and presentations to help bolster your leadership capabilities, no matter your current leadership skill level.
  • Spring 2019 Chapter Recruitment Campaign
    We are excited to announce our Spring 2019 Chapter Recruitment Campaign!  This will be a coordinated effort between chapters, regions and HQ to recruit new members for ARMA’s chapters.  Click here for a in-depth overview of the campaign

    We will recognize both chapters and individuals who recruit and strengthen our community!  
    • For every Professional-level member that joins ARMA International (not just the chapter), ARMA will remit $20 (USD) or the equivalent to your chapter. 
    • For every new Professional-level, non-student member that joins during the recruitment period, the individual who recruited that person will have his or her name entered into a drawing for an all-expense paid trip to ARMA’s Annual conference.  

      Thank you to our generous sponsor VRC for supporting our chapters and for making this incentive possible! 
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