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ARMA Volunteers

Welcome to your new chapter year! Chapter Central houses resources tailored for you, ARMA’s chapter and region volunteers. Your contributions to this organization are indispensable – and greatly appreciated.


As the planning year begins, don’t forget to start and keep a prospect list. These are an essential part of any recruitment strategy.

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Region Leadership Conferences 2017: Pictures, slides and notes from each of the U.S. RLC's

U.S. Region Leadership Conferences:  In 2018, the four U.S. Based RLC’s will be planned and managed by their respective regions.  Alongside a working group of region and chapter leaders, we explored revising this structure and collected additional feedback in person at the events and from the chapter leader survey.  Chapter leaders should expect to hear from their region leaders about the 2018 conference.

Chapter Connection: July Issue

Chapters at Work: See what fellow chapters are doing to make an impact throughout our community.

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Austin ARMA Shred Day: Our chapter’s largest event is our two shred day events that we hold in the Fall and the Spring.  This event’s main initiative is to provide education to the community that they should be securely shredding their personal records to ensure they protect themselves from identity theft.  We also take this opportunity to collect donations which we divide between the chapter and a chosen charity.  This is a great way to keep members’ costs down and also give back to the community in the shredding and monetary donation.

Our event has been going on for 14 years and takes some effort to get going, but once you have your details pinned down, it’s just a matter of keeping that up.  It always begins with selecting a date and a location.  Our Fall Shred Day’s are hosted at an offsite shred facility of one of the sponsors for the event.  We are lucky enough to have two generous shred sponsors with facilities in town that we can use.  These are events are easier to run, but sometimes the facility is out of the way for some attendees so traffic fluctuates.  Our Spring Shred Day was originally held in an Office Max parking lot, then grew to be in a parking lot at a public high school.  A consideration we always make is to find a location that is free and has a good flow for traffic. Our last event at the high school had cars backed up on a fly over leading to one of Austin’s major highways.  That was when we knew word had gotten out and we needed to make a change. We were lucky enough to upgrade to the parking lot of a local community college that took over an old mall. For full details click here

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