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What You Need To Know Right Now!

  • Spring 2019 Chapter Recruitment Campaign
    We are excited to announce our Spring 2010 Chapter Recruitment Campaign!  This will be a coordinated effort between chapters, regions and HQ to recruit new members for ARMA’s chapters.  Click here for a in-depth overview of the campaign

    We will recognize both chapters and individuals who recruit and strengthen our community!  
    • For every Professional-level member that joins ARMA International (not just the chapter), ARMA will remit $20 (USD) or the equivalent to your chapter. 
    • For every new Professional-level, non-student member that joins during the recruitment period, the individual who recruited that person will have his or her name entered into a drawing for an all-expense paid trip to ARMA’s Annual conference.  

      Thank you to our generous sponsor VRC for supporting our chapters and for making this incentive possible! 
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