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As the planning year begins, don’t forget to start and keep a prospect list. These are an essential part of any recruitment strategy.

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Region Leadership Conferences 2017: Pictures, slides and notes from each of the U.S. RLC's

U.S. Region Leadership Conferences:  In 2018, the four U.S. Based RLC’s will be planned and managed by their respective regions.  Alongside a working group of region and chapter leaders, we explored revising this structure and collected additional feedback in person at the events and from the chapter leader survey.  Chapter leaders should expect to hear from their region leaders about the 2018 conference.

Chapters at Work: See what fellow chapters are doing to make an impact throughout our community.

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The Northern Virginia (NOVA) Chapter has won the Standing Ovation Award for a chapter that has taken an outstanding or unique approach to furthering ARMA International’s vision and mission.

Over the past year, the ARMA NOVA Chapter successfully reinvigorated itself, transforming their image, messaging, website, and communication tools, as well as strategically partnering with local organizations and vendors to maximize visibility and increase membership engagement / attendance at educational events.

As a result NOVA chapter is more closely tied with its members need for education and increased networking opportunities, and they team nicely with their sponsors, who are more invested in Chapter success. The data collected in this process helped the chapter respond to changes in an informed manor to maximize members preferences. Most importantly, the chapter is providing education that is on-point with our member needs, and expanding their outreach to attract new members (and in some cases additional sponsors). Great job to the Northern Virginia Chapter. See the chapter’s annual report for more information on how the chapter has improved over the last year.

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